Roanoke Times: Nonprofit music venues surviving the pandemic

Roanoke Times
Dec. 27, 2020
Whatever Happened To: Nonprofit music venues work to move forward in pandemic

Many thanks to Tad Dickens and the Roanoke Times for shining a spotlight on the challenges facing nonprofit music venues during a global pandemic.

From the article, an anecdote about Tyler’s grandfather:
“It all came from a concept he picked up from grandfather Roy Godsey: Don’t always try to swing for the fences.
‘When things just keep sucking and you can’t seem to find any groove, it’s because you’re swinging too hard … and what you need to do is just get a base hit,’ he said. ‘You might not score a run. You might strike out next time. But you establish a sense of momentum in a world that’s really lacking.’”

We’ve worked toward maintaining that momentum for most of 2020 and appreciate everyone’s continued support of our mission: To pursue the power of sound through music therapy, hearing loss advocacy, and accessibility.