At 5 Points Music Sanctuary we believe experiencing the power of sound through live music should be available to all, and we are committed to making our venue as universally accessible as possible. As part of this commitment, 5 Points has brought on a new Accessibility Coordinator to provide accessibility consulting support for all of our events and partners. We also offer experiential enhancements, such as SUBPACs, colorblind glasses, and specialized ticketing tiers. 

3 men standing in a field in front of a wooded background

Tyler Godsey and Brandon Mendonça consulting with Gary Jackson on the site build at The Coves at Smith Mountain Lake

We believe that focusing on accessibility leads to a better experience for all of our guests. Recent additions to our accessibility accommodations include:

  • Mobility Accessible Seating: This specialized ticketing tier allows us to better prepare for and communicate with our guests with limited mobility and their companions to ensure we are providing them the best experience we possibly can.
  • Digital Bar Menu: Our bar menu is now available digitally in two different formats. A limited menu can be viewed via a screen behind the bar or guests can access the full menu on their phones by scanning a QR code. The availability of the menu as an image that can be expanded to improve readability is an important accommodation for our guests with limited vision.
  • Livestreaming Capabilities: 5 Points has recently expanded our technical offerings to include the capacity to livestream our concerts. This allows our guests to experience the power of sound that comes from live music in the comfort of their own homes. We use this platform to raise awareness of and advocate for those with disabilities as well as to inform viewers about our accessibility programming and hearing loss advocacy efforts.

What Are Experiential Enhancements?

These are products that allow us to offer a better live music experience to our guests with hearing loss, colorblindness, or any other disability that may affect how they experience our events.

Colorblind Glasses

For our colorblind guests, we offer glasses designed to help them see a broader spectrum of colors when viewing the amazing light shows that accompany many of the acts that perform at 5 Points Music Sanctuary. Below is an example of what someone without colorblindness might see at a show versus what someone with different forms of colorblindness would see.

Pink Talking Fish onstage at 5 Points Music Sanctuary


Top Left: Full color picture of Pink Talking Fish onstage at 5 Points Music Sanctuary.

Top Right: The same image as viewed by someone with Protanomaly, a form of red-green color blindness.

Bottom Left: The same image as viewed by someone with Deuteranomaly, another form of red-green color blindness

Bottom Right: The same image as viewed by someone with Tritanomaly, a form of color vision deficiency that affects blue and yellow.



Our wearable SUBPAC devices allow the user to truly feel the lower frequencies from the music being played at our venue, without the dangerously high decibel levels usually needed to achieve this. This small device is worn like a backpack and “transfers low frequencies directly to your body and provides you with a new physical dimension to the music experience.” SUBPACs enhance the live music experience by adding a physical sensation to go along with all the sights and sounds that are part of a show at 5 Points Music Sanctuary. Offering the use of SUBPACs at our shows is just one part of how we are working to prevent hearing loss and allow those with limited hearing to experience live music in new and different ways. 

Want To Try Our Experiential Enhancements?

Just ask a 5 Points staff member and they will point you in the right direction. We are proud to offer these experiential enhancements free of charge to all of our guests who are interested in trying them out.


Our Accessibility Coordinator is available via the form below or to discuss accommodations for upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, donation needs, or to answer any and all questions about 5 Points Music Sanctuary’s accessibility programming and consulting services.