Our Story

Our Inspiration

We celebrate sound, we embrace it, and we explore it. While our live events and concerts unite audiences from far and wide, they also serve as a platform to promote and support our music therapy and hearing loss advocacy efforts. 5 Points Music Foundation, a recognized 501c3, launched in January of 2017 with a simple mission: “To pursue the power of sound in all its glory.”

The story began when, Founder/Director, Tyler Godsey’s 2 children were each born deaf. At the age of 11 months old, they were lucky enough to celebrate the gift of sound when receiving cochlear implants. It’s this gift that serves as the inspiration for 5 Points Music and all that we do.


Our Programs

Music Therapy

5 Points Music Foundation provides free music therapy to various age groups with various special needs. They range from 3 yrs old with Down Syndrome to veterans with PTSD. Since beginning in 2017, we have provided nearly $30,000 worth of therapy to clients. The program is available to individuals throughout SWVA including Roanoke, NRV, Martinsville, Rocky Mount, and the surrounding region.

Hearing Loss and Advocacy

5 Points Music’s hearing loss advocacy efforts are multi-faceted. Our goal is to encourage and support a more Soundfriendly world. We work with our artists to maintain safe decibel limits during their performances, provide free ear protection for all guests, and work to explore ways to reduce the risk of hearing loss, advocate for those with disabilities, and explore the many ways to make our world more Soundfriendly.


At all of our events, we provide various Subpacs for those with hearing loss. These “backpacks” feed into the PA system wirelessly and send vibrations of the music into the user. While we provide these as an accommodation for those with hearing loss, anyone can wear them. Our goal is to remind audiences that the power of sound is more than what we hear. It’s also about what we feel… what we see… and what we share together.

Other programs include our free Sign Language Classes held throughout the year, which provides an introduction to sign language for both adults and children.


Our Soul

 We define our mission by looking at a spectrum. On one end, features the apex moments of a live experience. It’s that moment when the lights, the band, and the audience all come together. It’s for these sometimes fleeting and rare moments that we are all on the same page. The questions of who we love, what god we worship, where we come from, all vanish as we unite in the “moment” that we share. At 5 Points Music, we chase these “moments” for all that they are and for all that they stand for.

On the other end of the spectrum, the power of sound is a much more innate idea. When turning on his children’s implants for the first time, Godsey often talks about the moment that his wife, Kristin, leaned over and says “I love you.”

In that moment, 3 simple words… simple vibrations passing through the air impacted him emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. At its core, this is the power of sound. It’s about recognizing and celebrating the idea that it’s often the little things that have the most profound impacts on us.

In understanding that the simple words we say to each other can have a profound impact on what we do, how we feel, where we go, we can use that very idea to create impacts on the world that are equally profound.

Between those 2 ends of the spectrum, lies the playing field for what 5 Points Music does as a non-profit organization.

With each event, we bring artists and audiences together to celebrate the moments that define our worlds. Indeed many who have come together in the Sanctuary leave with unequivocally knowing that we are unlike anywhere else in the world and eager to return for another chapter in our ongoing story.