Hearing Loss Advocacy

5 Points Music’s hearing loss advocacy efforts are multi-faceted. We strive to maintain safe decibel limits during performances and provide free hearing protection for all guests, including children, to reduce the risk of hearing loss. We provide grants for performers to adopt the use of in-ear monitor systems (IEMs), which helps in maintaining safe decibel levels for our guests and protects the hearing of artists. We continue to explore ways to reduce the risk of hearing loss to make our world more sound-friendly for all.

A bearded man in a hat playing a bass with an in-ear monitor visible in his ear

IEM Grant recipient, Jake Dempsey, wearing his in-ear monitors

“Just did a soundcheck with The Darkside Experience. Haven’t had a chance to run the IEMs in stereo yet. Let me tell you. It’s good. I had all the stereo sources panned wide and things spread around from left to right like they were on stage. It’s so good in fact, that I felt like I was listening to my cue mix in stereo on a really very good pair of headphones. Which I was. So happy to have made this move. Thanks again, 5 Points for making this possible for me as part of their hearing loss advocacy program.”

– Jake Dempsey



What does it mean to be sound-friendly?

Making the world more sound-friendly involves helping artists, audiences, business owners, and event organizers consider all of the ways in which sound impacts our world. It means working with artists and performers to maintain safe decibel levels during their performances, it means raising audience’s awareness of the impact that loud events can have on their hearing, it means encouraging business owners to be more conscious of how a loud work environment impacts the health of their employees, and it means helping event organizers realize the value of making their events more universally accessible.

Creating a more sound-friendly world impacts our physical health, our financial well-being, our relationships with friends and families, our professional work, and beyond.

What does hearing loss sound like?

Use this free hearing loss simulator to get an idea of how different levels of hearing loss can affect you. 


To learn more about 5 Points Music’s hearing loss advocacy efforts and our sound-friendly initiatives, contact us today.

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