Welcome to the Raffles Page of 5pointsmusic.com! Here, you’ll find exciting opportunities to win prizes and support our mission of promoting live music and community engagement.

We regularly host raffles for various events and merchandise, including concert tickets, signed memorabilia, exclusive merchandise, and much more. Each raffle is a chance for you to score unique and valuable items while supporting our mission to bring exceptional live music experiences to our community.

Participating in our raffles is easy – simply select the raffle you’re interested in, purchase your ticket(s), and cross your fingers! We offer multiple ticket options to increase your chances of winning, and winners are selected at random to ensure fairness.

Not only do our raffles provide a chance to win great prizes, but they also help us continue our work of supporting artists and bringing the joy of live music to our community. All proceeds from our raffles go directly to supporting our mission and programming.

So, take a look at our current raffles and enter for a chance to win some amazing prizes while supporting our community and the artists we love. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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