December/January Announcements!

THE FLOORBOARDS – Willie Tribute

5 Points regulars The Floorboards will play a special Willie Nelson Appreciation Set because Willie deserves all of our appreciation! Don’t miss this show!

The Floorboards are an American roots rock ensemble hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The band marries rock & roll and country roots with the sights and sounds of southern mountain towns. Jake and Rob shake the leaves from the trees. Chris coaxes stringed cries from the hills and hollers. Matt writes and sings the story.


Morgan Wade’s show with us will be a few days after her birthday and you know how much we like to celebrate! This Saturday Night show will be webcast LIVE at The Sanctuary by the folks of Roots2Rock. Roots2Rock highlights great venues, attractions and artists of all music genres. You can watch this live stream and many others on their Facebook page and catch the rebroadcast on TV. Get on over there and follow them on Facebook and Twitter and join us for the show by purchasing your tickets today!


It’s been a year almost to the day since Runaway Gin packed the Sanctuary playing Phish tunes with their original jams and precise transcriptions. With over 300 shows performed since their inception in 2014, Runaway Gin is the World’s Most Active Phish Tribute Band. On July 4th, 2015, after the second show of the Grateful Dead GD50 run, Runaway Gin sold out the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago and catapulting them from a Southeastern regional act onto the National scene.

The members of Runaway Gin are long time Phish fans who have united with the goal of creating musical moments inspired by Phish. The band’s song list is constantly growing and their improvisational and communication skills are constantly developing independently and together. Like Phish, Runaway Gin will never play the same show or jam the same way twice making every show a unique experience and every moment pure artistic creation.




f. Jay Starling & David Via