WIN with 5 Points at FloydFest

We’ve been packing and planning for a HUGE week at FloydFest! As part of our Fall/Winter Season fundraising efforts, you’ll find a Mini 5 Points Music Sanctuary at the start of Non-Profit Row. We’re bringing our killer collection of Limited Edition Custom Posters, Subpacs, Free Earplugs and 5 Points Merchandise. And of course we’ll have the lights, music, art, and good vibes you’ve come to expect. Stop By and Say Hi!

5 Points Disc Golf Pitch and Putt

Win cool prizes, posters, and concert tickets by showing off your disc golf skills at our tent on Non-Profit Row. Special thanks to our cool sponsors at Innova Disc Golf.

5 Points Music Box Office | The FloydFest Branch

All 5 Points Music Sanctuary tickets purchased through our Box Office on Non-Profit Row

5 Points Music Cool Fan

Find one of our 5 Points Ambassadors strutting the scene to get your own 5 Points Hand Fan, with thanks from our cool partners at Big Lick Brewery.

5 Points Music Ear Plug Give-Away

While the power of sound has brought us together for this epic week of music, magic, and mountains, it can also be powerful enough to cause lasting damage to our hearing. Find one of our 5 Points Ambassadors for free earplugs and learn more about all of the awesome things we are doing at 5 Points Music Foundation.

5 Points Music Subpac Demos

The power of sound is more than just what we hear. It’s also about what we see, what we feel, and what we share collectively. To this end, we are running Subpac demos all week long. Using the schedule below, you can find our 5 Points Ambassadors near the Soundboards and experience the power of sound like never before.

WED 8-11p
GOTE • Dead Reckoning (Throwdown Stage)

Silent Disco Tent!

FRI 9p-2a
Chupacabras, The Motet (Garden Stage)

SAT 9p-2a
Chupacabras, Kyle Hollingsworth Band (Throwdown Stage)

SUN 10:30p-12:30a
Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe (Garden Stage)