Stanley Jordan Rocked The Sanctuary

On Saturday, May 13th, we were honored to have the legendary Stanley Jordan grace The 5 Points Music Sanctuary stage. To watch him play guitar, is to watch a masterpiece being produced. Jordan’s method is unlike the majority of guitarists. With his guitar strings set close to the frets and pickups raised, Jordan danced along his custom guitar with his infamous tap-finger method. If that wasn’t enough to leave the audience in awe, Jordan takes it even further when he sat down and began playing the keyboard and guitar simultaneously. Jordan treated the crowd to a diverse set list. As he moved between the songs Eleanor Rigby, Stairway to Heaven, Mozart’s Piano Concerto 21, and many other treats, those of us lucky enough to be in The Sanctuary that evening, were teleported to a place of vibrational beauty. Stanley Jordan is undoubtedly an ideal guide in pursuing the power of sound in all its glory.