Songwriting Group for Brain Injury Survivors

Free Music Therapy Group for Brain Injury Survivors

Our upcoming free online music therapy group will be open to any brain injury survivor interested in using music for rehabilitation and healing. This group is free (normally $100) thanks to the sponsorship of 5 Points Music Sanctuary.

What will the group entail?

Music therapy is often used in rehabilitation to support growth in attention skills, memory, motor skills, speech and language, and emotional expression.

This 4-week group will have a particular emphasis on emotional and social support, as we work together to write songs about topics that are important to you. Music-making can be a very empowering experience. No music experience is necessary. Our music therapist will support you each step of the way.

Starting August 6 we will meet each Thursday, 2:30-3:15pm.

How can I apply for the music therapy scholarship?

We’re thankful that 5 Points Music Sanctuary is able to financially support 8 free participants.

If you’re ready to commit to weekly online groups for the next 4-weeks, head to