RVSHC Mobile Hearing Test Unit returns for Night Lights

We are happy to announce that Roanoke Valley Speech & Hearing Center (RVSHC) and their Mobile Hearing Test Unit will be joining us once again for our Night Lights Festival on July 2-3.   

A typical hearing screening can cost up to $100, but The Mobile Testing Unit allows RVSHC to conduct quick, on-site hearing screenings for FREE. At our last event over 50 free hearing screenings were conducted.

We believe in the value of regular hearing screenings as part of our mission to prevent hearing loss. So, whether you are concerned about potential hearing loss or just interested to see how well you can hear, come out to our Night Lights Festival and get a free hearing screening while you’re here.

A man with glasses and facial hair wearing a green jacket and jeans giving a thumbs up standing in front of a trailer.

John Kadlecik, guitarist for Melvin Seals and JGB, gives a thumbs up after getting his hearing screening.