Music Therapy for Overcoming Mental Blocks


  Are you a musician who loves creating and sharing music, but struggles with stage fright? Anderson Music Therapy Services and 5 Points Music Sanctuary are here to help with the latest in our series of free music therapy groups. This group will support adult songwriters/musicians as they work through the mental blocks keeping them from sharing their music with the world. This music therapy group is made possible by the 5 Points Music Foundation scholarship, which uses money raised by 5 Points to pay for and subsidize music therapy sessions for clients of Anderson Music Therapy Services(AMTS). In 2022, this scholarship allowed 24 individual clients to receive 86 music therapy sessions from AMTS.

We know many of our audience members and supporters love to come see live music at 5 Points because they themselves are musicians. Unfortunately, oftentimes a love for music alone isn’t enough to get over the nerves that can be associated with performing on stage for an audience. 5 Points and Anderson Music Therapy Services understand this and together we are hoping to help.

If you suffer from stage fright, you are not alone. Many famous performers struggle with stage fright, but have found success despite it. This group music therapy class from AMTS seeks to do the same for musicians and songwriters in our local community. Topics covered may include decreasing stress, expressing feelings, and building confidence. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please click here to sign up, and sign up as space is VERY limited.

The class meets on Mondays at 6:15-7:00 pm from 2/6-2/27 in the lower level of The Sanctuary at 1217 Maple Ave.
In addition to this music therapy group, local musicians and songwriters may also be interested in our monthly 5PTS Open Mic Coffey Jams. If you’re looking for a low pressure setting to share your skills, look no further. Sign up today and take your place on the legendary 5 Points stage featuring our world class production team and venue. 5PTS Open Mic Coffey Jams would not be possible without the amazing generosity of the estate of Barbara Lee Coffey. Slots are limited. We do ask for a suggested donation of $10. All guests will receive fresh roasted organic coffee. All proceeds go to support 5 Points Music’s programs including hearing loss advocacy, music therapy, and accessibility initiatives.