5PTS at Healing Appalachia 2023

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5 Points Music Sanctuary is proud to be involved with the Healing Appalachia festival. We’ll have a booth set up at this year’s event giving away free hearing protection for adults and kids as well as providing 5PTS ADA services for the festival. Festival goers can try out our 5PTS Silent Sound Systems featuring headphones tuned into the soundboard and a SUBPAC which is designed to deliver a physical dimension of sound. 

Healing Appalachia’s mission is to produce events that help connect and grow communities of recovery and healing in Appalachia, raising funds and awareness to combat opioid addiction through a wide array of projects and programs from youth prevention, healthy lifestyles and wellness to recovery houses and recovery to work.  Like Farm Aid does to raise awareness and funds for America’s small, sustainable family farms, we want to bring together folks to raise funds and awareness to celebrate recovery through our main event Healing Appalachia each September, and work year-round on more projects fostering communities of recovery.

Nick Jr. getting fitted for a 5PTS Silent Sound System at Healing Appalachia Festival 2023.

Nick Jr. getting ready to be fitted with a 5PTS Silent Sound System.