Happiest of Birthdays to Jake Dempsey!

You can’t tell the story of 5 Points Music Sanctuary without spending a lot of time talking about Jake Dempsey. He is woven into the very fabric of the place. Director Tyler Godsey first brought Jake to the Sanctuary when the walls were white and the vision was still just that…a vision. The two bonded over their love for music, social consciousness and family, each with two amazing kids, a boy and a girl, and Rock Star wives who have been crucial in supporting the growth of 5 Points Music Sanctuary. Though there are many who share a special place in our story, Jake serves as one of the cornerstones we have been fortunate to build on.

Over the years, Jake has played so many roles in our region’s music scene, as a bassist, a producer, a mentor, an engineer, a fundraiser, as a father and as a friend. He has helped hundreds of artists through his work as a producer at Summit Sound Recordings, and garnered success on projects like Snarky Puppy’s Grammy Award winning Family Dinner album, recorded at Roanoke’s Jefferson Center.

His first project at The Sanctuary was recording music for his band The Floorboards. Soon after, he and other members of the Dead Reckoning performed before a SOLD OUT crowd during our “soft opening” concert. Since then, it is believed that Jake has performed on the Sanctuary stage more than any other musician. Some though not all of his performances have been with Dead Reckoning, the Floorboards, Isaac Hadden, Sol Searchers and many others.

Matt Browning recording vocals with Jake Dempsey in December 2016.

At the end of the day, we believe that our team of sound engineers, lighting designers, volunteers, and other staff is truly one of our great assets. Jake has been a bedrock for us and further helped to create lasting impressions on the many artists who come to 5 Points Music Sanctuary. Along with the rest of our awesome crew and our amazing audiences, 5 Points Music has been able to establish an incredible reputation for the quality of our work and the mission behind it.

Jack Dempsey and Tyler Godsey celebrating Tyler’s birthday this past February.

If you are friends with Jake on Facebook be sure to participate in his birthday fundraiser in support of Phish’s WaterWheel Foundation. If you’re not friends with Jake on Facebook, why not? He’s a great conversation starter, jokester, culinary experimentalist and all around awesome guy. Send some love his way on his special day.

Happy Birthday, Jake!