Fall Music Therapy Registrations Open

Now Accepting Registrations for Fall Group Music Therapy Sessions 

We are currently taking registrations for the next group sessions that will begin in October 2018. Simply fill out the appropriate form below to get started. Registration is free, however, there are very limited seats available for each group session. When we hit our maximum registration, please use the “waiting list registration” form below. We will contact you when space open up for the next group session.

Registration (ages 3-5)
Registration (ages 6-8)
Registration Waiting List

With the incredible support of our Anderson Music Therapy, we aim to provide participants with an introduction to the benefits of music therapy. Each group session consists of 4 weekly meetings that last about 45 mins.

  • Music can encourage socialization, self-expression, communication and motor development.
  • Music stimulates all of the senses and involves the child at many levels. This “multi-modal approach” facilitates many developmental skills.
  • Quality learning and maximum participation occur when children are permitted to experience the joy of play. The medium of music therapy allows this play to occur naturally and frequently.
  • Music is highly motivating, yet it can also have a calming and relaxing effect. Enjoyable music activities are designed to be success-oriented and make children feel better about themselves.
  • Music therapy can help a child manage pain and stressful situations.
  • Because the brain processes music in both hemispheres, music can stimulate cognitive functioning and may be used for remediation of speech/language skills.

To learn more about our music therapy program, click here.