5PTS Accessibility + Whizzbangers Ball

5PTS Music’s mission to support accessibility and hearing loss advocacy through live events includes providing event support and management services for other event/festival organizers, promoters, and venues. 5PTS Music is excited to partner with Whizzbang Presents to provide our services during Whizzbangers Ball June 14-15, 2024.

We’ll be on site in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia providing hospitality and support for guests with disabilities. Our services include shuttle support, an ADA Viewing Deck and 5PTS Soundpacks with wireless hearing & haptics sound system for those with hearing impairments and sensory sensitivities. And, as always, will be stocked with free ear protection including Ear Muffs for kids and hi-fidelity ear plugs for adults.

Find out more about the event at whizzbangersball.com.