5 Points For Your Day

We are holding off on show announcements until we have a better idea of how The Year of the Coronavirus is going to go down. In the meantime, we are constantly looking to improve your experience with us. We’ve launched a brand new look for our website. Along with a shiny, clean interface, we are putting more focus on connecting with you online. We’ll be posting more blogs with Sanctuary video flashbacks, band updates, ASL sign language features, and behind the scenes peeks.

We also want to feature your favorite memories from the past 3 years. Send us a great photo, cool video, or write about a shining moment from a performance that you’ll carry with you. If we feature your submission on our blog, you will be entered in a drawing to win a 2-Show Power Pass. We will select a new winner each month. Please email your favorites to info@5pointsmusic.com.

Morgan Wade Blasting Off from Nashville

Number One

This is a great recent interview with Morgan Wade. Hear about how she met Sadler Vaden, made her way to Nashville to work with him on her music, and what life is like now.

The Load Out podcast on the phone with Morgan Wade. This link will take you to load out music dot com. Podcast link directly below.
Hosted by Aaron Perlut, the Load Out Music Podcast features intimate conversations with emerging and established musicians, recorded at the Gaslight in St. Louis.

Learn a Little Sign Language

Number 2
Sign Language Home GIF by Sign with Robert - Find & Share on GIPHY
Robert Demayo showing the sign for “home”
Number 3

That’s a fact, Jack

Beat poet Jack Kerouac relishing a little jazz with eyes closed and ear turned to the speaker on his radio.
The legendary Jack Kerouac

The world you see is just a movie in your mind.
Rocks don’t see it.
Bless and sit down.
Forgive and forget.
Practice kindness all day to everybody
and you will realize you’re already
in heaven now.
That’s the story.
That’s the message.
Nobody understands it,
nobody listens, they’re
all running around like chickens with heads cut
off. I will try to teach it but it will
be in vain, s’why I’ll
end up in a shack
praying and being
cool and singing
by my woodstove
making pancakes.
Jack Kerouac

Make The Sanctuary Yours

Number 4

We’ve fleshed out the Venue Rental page on our website to give you a better idea of what you can expect from your Sanctuary experience. No longer just for conferences and personal events, we also have the availability of live recording experiences. From rehearsal space to full audio/video recordings, 5 Points Music Sanctuary’s gorgeous acoustics, eclectic artwork, and multi-talented crew make it the perfect space to preserve all those new quarantunes you talented folks are writing!

A Last Word

Number 5

JOHN PRINE (October 10, 1946 – April 7, 2020)

I saw a hundred thousand blackbirds
Just flying thru the sky
And they seemed to form a teardrop
From a black haired angel’s eye

That tear fell all around me
And it washed my sins away
Now everything is cool
Everything’s okay

Rest in Peace, John Prine