2020 Notable Shout Outs and Special Thanks!

Many names and organizations have played a part in our success. We apologize for any we missed. Please know that your impact and support is no less meaningful and we are forever grateful to have you all part of the 5PTS family.

5 Points Music Foundation Board Members:  Rarely do they get the credit they deserve, but we would certainly not be where we are today without the guidance, talent, and amazing efforts of our board. It is an honor and privilege to be able to work with such an awesome team and we owe a huge thanks to each of them for their selfless efforts. We are grateful to have them and eager to see where our collective efforts will lead us into the coming year. (alphabetical order)
Dan Parker, Paul Mariano, Rob Jennings, Schuyler Godsey, Tim Pohlad Thomas, Waid Powell, William Kesler

Sponsors- There are numerous sponsors that have played a role in supporting 5 Points Music throughout the year. Sponsors are one of the primary means of support we have for some of our events, including the Foundational Dinner (Jan), Golf for Sound Tournament (Oct), our 5PTS Outdoor Concert Series. We are incredibly grateful to each of you for being part of our story and for allowing us the honor of doing what we do. 

Staff and Volunteers- 5 Points Music’s team of volunteers and staff have been nothing short of amazing. Over the years, we have been lucky to have so many volunteers dedicate their time and creative energy to our mission.

Special Thanks- In any given year, we rely on dozens of supporters from all over to help us achieve our goals. Support comes in many shapes and sizes, from many people and organizations. The list below highlights some of the people who have contributed in a meaningful way, though the list below is not meant to diminish the value and impact that others, like our donors, have on our success. 





Special Thanks

Across the Way Productions   Andrew Chester   Aaron Deal
Altus Group   April Grist   Aaron Mittel
Anderson & Friedman PLC   Austin Ayers   Aaron Pierce
Anderson Music Therapy   Brad Bowles   Allen Walker
Balzer & Associates   Brian Cheek   Bill Lawfield
Big Lick Brewery   Charles Draper   Bill McKee
Blue Cow Ice Cream   Charlie Skalka   Blair Godsey
Blue Ridge Beverage   Chris Cobb   Blue Ridge Eye Center
Blue Ridge Catering   Cloud Bobby McMahon   Brent Andrews
Breadcraft Bakery   Corey Fitzgerald   C&C Security
Brown Hound Tree Service   Doug Fisher   Carlie Smith
Clean Valley Council   Doug Wasson   Carrie Poff
Eagle Eye Painting   Ed McClain   Chris Conner
Gil’s Creek Marina   Jake Dempsey   Cole Coulston
Hidden Valley Country Club   Jason Davis   Earl Wood Printing
Just a Little Party   Jason Patsel   Eric Hollandsworth
L’Oppleman Pawn   Jeremy Hartsel   Gary Jackson
Layman Distributors   Jerrin Fisher   Jackson Light
Liquid Performance   Jill Carter   Joe Fernatt
Parkway Brewery   Joe Housel   John McBroom
Potter Mariano PLC   Jon Michael Clark   Jordan Ryan
Powell Charitable Foundation   Josh Newsome   Josh Wykle
Roanoke City Arts Commission   Josh Taylor   Kait Pedigo
Roanoke Country Club   Kellee Barbour   Kerri Vipperman
Roanoke Glass Company   Kevin Music   Kianna Marshall
Rooster Walk   Madeliene Taylor   Kim Salyers
Roots 2 Rock   Maria Ekaterina   King Screen Printing
Stage Sound   Marshall Hicks   Kristin Godsey
Starr Hill Pilot Brewery   Matt Browning   Kristin, Brooke, and Forest Godsey
State Water Heaters   Max Pritts   Lee Hunsaker
The Plyler Group   Nikki Pohlad Thomas   Lee Lawson
The River and Rail   Reid Jepson   Liz Long
Tidy Services   Rick & Wendy Godley   Mark Baldwin
Valley Wealth Group   Rob Humphreys   Matt Wade
Virginia Building Services   Robb Burden   Nate Smith
    Roger Gupta   Nick Fox
    Ryan Fuqua   Noel Anderson
    Sarah Rae Trenis   Patrick Bousquet, Chad Hester, Danny Flad
    Tom Bohdal   Press Press Merch
    Tony Espelage   R.A. Fadley (Jam Band Purist)
    Travis Lyster   Roanoke City Parks and Rec
    Trevor English   Roanoke Symphony
    Tyler Carter   Rob Ruthenberg
    Whitney Lewis & Jocelyn Sylvest   Ryan Somers
    Will Hobbs   Sam Calhoun
        Scott Davalle
        Sean McDonnell
        Shilo Parker
        Stephen Hamilton
        Tad Dickens
        The Dead Reckoning
        Tim Woodrum
        Tom Fields
        William Baptist
        Wilton Cromer