A Few Words from Our Founder, Tyler Godsey

Founder, Tyler Godsey
Founder/Director Tyler Godsey

The story of 5 Points Music began a little over 3 years ago with simple mission of pursuing the power of sound. Since then, we have hosted over 350 live events that have served as a platform to fund and promote our programs dedicated to that pursuit.

Our music therapy program provides access to free music therapy for various ages, with various special needs. Clients have ranged from 3yr old with Down Syndrome to Veterans with PTSD. As a result of our work with Anderson Music Therapy and the support of our donors and guests, we have provided $27,300 worth of free music therapy to clients throughout the SWVA, totaling 390 hours of sessions.

Our hearing loss advocacy efforts are multifaceted with some efforts focused on reducing the risk of hearing loss and others focused on accessibility. To that end, we have given out over 4000 free earplugs, worked with artists and event organizers to be more “Soundfriendly” with lower decibel levels, while also exploring ways to make the live experience more accessible for those with disabilities.

Our role in fostering a thriving, vibrant region has allowed us the privilege of working with dozens of amazing organizations and non-profits to provide vital fundraising support, event planning, and shared marketing opportunities, extending our impact beyond our walls.

Our Guiding Philosophies

Pursuing the power of sound is more than just what we hear. Our work is defined by a spectrum and guided by a series of philosophies. These ideas serve to inspire us when our minds are held captive by the weight of life’s challenges, guide us when we are lost in the dark, strengthen us when we are weak, unite us when we are divided, and lift us up when down.

  1. Never forget how lucky we are to be where we are, to do what we do, for life’s fleeting nature is a reality we often forget.
  2. When the path before us is darkened by shadows of the unknown, we move forward, trusting that with a dedicated intent and purpose “gravity” will pull everything to its proper place.
  3. It’s ok to consider the world through another’s vantage point.
  4. Embrace the unknown. The keys to new doors in life are often hidden there.
  5. The little things can have profound impacts. They have the power to change and alter the course or where we go, what we do, who we become.
  6. Love one another responsibly. Express it through our thoughts, our words, and our actions.
  7. Be mindful of the fact that we all have our own stories of burden, struggle, and pain. While each of our stories are unique, none are anymore difficult than another’s.
  8. Don’t be afraid to fail.
  9. Take pride in who you are, what you do, and why you do it.
  10. Say “I love you” to those important to you, for we are not guaranteed that chance tomorrow.

The Path Ahead

Eric Gales

To be where we are today is an incredible success and attributed to the incredible support and efforts of so many people. Together, with our dedicated staff, volunteers, and board members we have overcome many challenges that at times seemed overwhelming. We know that the times ahead are full of uncertainty, yet we stand ready to embrace them for what they really are. Opportunities.

5 Points Music moved swiftly and deliberately to respond to the growing risk of the current pandemic in postponing all events through April 30. While we work to reschedule these events and let the Sanctuary go into a gentle slumber, we want to remind the world that our real work extends beyond these events. This period of slumber for the Sanctuary allows for us to further develop and promote the programs that define our broader mission.

We are working to emerge from this stronger, smarter, and better prepared to achieve our mission of pursuing, exploring, and celebrating the power of sound in all its glory.

We humbly ask for your help by donating to 5 Points Music Foundation. In just 3 short years, our work has had both measurable and immeasurable impacts on our community and surrounding region.

Larry Keel Experience at 5 Points

Our live events bring artists from around the world to experience the magic of the Roanoke Valley. In reflecting on their experience, their is shared belief that what we are doing is truly “unlike anywhere else in the world”. Our programs have impacted audiences throughout the region and beyond. Our partnerships with local, regional, and national organizations have allowed for desperately needed fundraising and marketing opportunities. The magical moments shared with families and friends during numerous weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and anniversaries have been eternally embedded in the hearts and minds of many.

Through it all, we are quick to remind ourselves that we are still growing. We ceaselessly work to identify opportunities for improving. We rise each morning excited to tackle the tasks before us, recognizing that the world we have been lucky enough to be part of is taking notice. We take pride in who we are and what we do. As engaged members of our business and artistic communities, we embrace our role in supporting the many shared cultural and economic values that help to define why the Roanoke Valley and surrounding region are so special.

The story of 5 Points Music still unfolding, yet there can be no doubt that the chapters already written have left us all eager for what’s to come. We sorely need your help in doing so. No matter the size, your financial support has a real impact on our ability to do what we do. Please make a donation to 5 Points Music today and empower us to write the next chapters in our evolving story. Empower us to pursue the power of sound in all its glory.


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