1 Year After

As we come up on the holiday season, we find ourselves reflecting on where we were just 1 year ago. I had just finished my last day of work with the Regional Commission and RIDE Solutions, in hopes that I could unify my passions for music, community service, and family around a vision that burned inside.

In mid November 2016, we had yet to begin renovations, had no website, no seating, and not a single act booked. In the months that would follow, the vision of 5 Points Music Foundation would take shape. The mezzanine would open up, logo concepts would scatter our walls, we began to develop our Music Therapy and Hearing Loss advocacy programs, our first tenants would sign a lease, and the mission of pursuing, celebrating, and embracing the power of sound in all it’s glory would become clearer and refined.

After an amazing opening performance from the Dead Reckoning in January, we boldy stepped forward knowing that the work ahead was going to be long, arduous, and at times unpredictable. We stepped forward with a sense of faith in knowing that the work we do comes from inside the heart. It comes from a place that allows for us to feel confident in taking risks that we might not ordinarily take. We wake every day excited about using the power of sound to heal through therapy, to expand the mind through education, to unite around the magic of live performance, and to connect to one another with the simple vibrations of our words.

Ultimately, we have worked to build a foundation of programs, events, and services that we believe in. We have received incredible amounts of support and praise for our work, yet we have significant more work to be done. Sustainability in the long run depends on your willingness to not only come to our concerts, but more importantly, it depends on your role in spreading our message to your friends, co-workers, and family members. We need to increase the number of people who experience the magic of the Sanctuary and do it  for every event, every music lesson, every therapy session.

To that end, I am incredibly excited to announce that through the ongoing support of you our fans and an incredibly generous support of an anonymous donor, we have been able to welcome the expansion of Anderson Music Therapy in our lower level. With this, we will be able to offer music therapy to more people and age groups as we go forward. We are currently in the middle of our Fall Music Therapy Sessions with 3 groups of kids ages 3-8. We are so lucky to have the services of Noel Anderson and her team, as they play such a critical role in making this program meaningful and effective.

Our Subpac Initiative continues to grow, as regional venues like the Harvester and others will begin featuring them for various shows.Stay tuned for more details. In early 2018, we are launching a new service that will work with businesses, venues, and workplaces to reduce the occupational risk of hearing loss through our “Sound Friendly Venues” program.

With this growth and success, we need your support more than ever. Start by purchasing a Power Pass, or buy concert tickets for a gift this holiday season, make a dedicated donation, host a private party/event, or reach out to us for ways in which you can volunteer your time and energy in helping to get our message out to more people and more organizations. While we are dedicated to doing everything we can to succeed in our mission, we know that it doesn’t happen without you our supporters and fans.

All of this being said, I am incredibly grateful to each of you who have given me words of encouragement, advice, support, and honored me with your time and friendship. I hope to see you all back here soon and invite you to bring a new guest, so that they can be part of the magic that happens at 5 Points Music Sanctuary.