5PTS Soundpac FAQs


  • What if my headphones aren’t producing sound?
    • Are the LEDs on the headphones lit?  If not, check the power switch.   If the headphone switch is set to on, please return your headphones to the 5PTS Accessibility tent, or other designated drop-off location.
    • Are the headphones set to the right channel?  The color of the LEDs indicate what channel the headphones on (Red, Green and Blue).   Check to make sure your headphones are set to the channel corresponding to your stage?
    • Is your headphone volume turned up?  The volume dial is located on the back of the right headphone.
  • What if my Subpac isn’t vibrating?
    • Is the subpack powered on?  Check to see if the green indicator light is lit, and if not press the power button on the control pack.  If it doesn’t turn on, please see the 5PTS Accessibility Tent for assistance
    • Is the cable between the headphones and subpac connected properly?  Check that the 3.5mm cable is connected to the line out on the headphones and the line-in on the subpac
    • My subpac keeps turning off  If the intensity is set too high on the subpac controller, the pack will turn itself off.  Try turning down the intensity.
  • Where can I return my headphones? 
    • You can return your headphones and subpacs to the 5PTS Accessibility Tent where you received them.

Found our headphones?  Please Contact Us Here!

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