May Daze

May Daze, April 30-May 1

5 Points Outdoors presents: May Daze, a Celebration of Summer

Saturday, April 30, is a summer evening of live music outdoors with headliner and regional favorites, Acoustic Syndicate with Dr. Bacon. Inside, the afterparty features Virginia legend, Larry Keel, joined by the Smokin’ J’s with Jay Starling, John Flower, and Jared Poole.

Sunday, May 1, is a jammed pack family-friendly day that doesn’t slow down with local favorite Ripejive, 2-sets of Larry Keel Experience, and the evening features the legendary Melvin Seals and JGB from the Jerry Garcia Band with special guest, Ron Holloway.

But that’s not all! Come enjoy local craft vendors, street art, yard games, a dunking booth, free hearing screenings, the wellness wagon, and much, much more!

Experience a true street festival at 5 Points Outdoors on Maple Ave in downtown Roanoke, April 30th and May 1st!



Saturday, April 30*
5:30pm Gates Open
5:45-6:30pm The Loud Mime (street performance)
6:30-8:00pm Dr. Bacon
8:00-8:30pm Jack in the Green May Day Street Parade
8:30-10:30pm Acoustic Syndicate

Saturday Afterparty* (inside the Sanctuary)
10:15pm Doors Open
11pm-1:00am Larry Keel & The Smokin’ J’s

Sunday, May 1*
Noon Gates Open
12:30-1:15pm The Magnificent Lefty (street performance)
1:15-2:45pm Ripejive
2:45-3:30pm The Loud Mime (street performance)
3:30-4:30pm Larry Keel Experience, set 1
4:30-5:15pm The Magnificent Lefty (street performance)
5:15-6:15pm Larry Keel Experience, set 2
6:15-6:30pm Jack in the Green May Day Street Parade
6:30-7:15pm The Loud Mime (street performance)
7:15-8:30pm Melvin Seals & JGB w Ron Holloway, set 1
9:00-10:30pm Melvin Seals & JGB w Ron Holloway, set 2
*All set times are subject to change.
PERFORMER INFO (Saturday, April 30)
Acoustic Syndicate | Saturday, 8:30-10:30pm
Although rooted in bluegrass instrumentation, North Carolina-based ensemble Acoustic Syndicate have maintained a consistently diverse approach since their formation in the early 1990s. Led by the core trio of guitarist Steve McMurry and his cousins Bryon and Fitz McMurry on banjo and drums, respectively, the group’s longtime adherence to rock sensibilities, tight songcraft, and a seemingly inherent eclecticism has helped guide their catalog in surprising directions from the lush American roots-meets-world music of 1999’s Tributaries through the driving rock- and horn-driven sound of 2004’s Long Way Round. Known as much for their rich harmonies as their instrumental prowess, Acoustic Syndicate earned a reputation over the years as a powerhouse live act with a penchant for improvisation.
Dr. Bacon | Saturday, 6:30-8:00pm
Dr. Bacon is a 6 Piece touring Appalachian Funk, Grass and Rock & Roll band.  Blending incredibly diverse instrumentation with broad, deep musical influences, allows the band to perform a plethora of widely accessible, danceable music. The Dr. Bacon Live Experience is truly a spectacle to behold, bringing the audience on a musical journey that lulls and spikes in energy, caressing ears with lush beauty and whipping crowds into a tribal romp, shaking booties and shedding inhibitions. This manic versatility ensures that no matter what genre of music you identify with most, you will hear something that resonates.


Larry Keel & The Smokin’ J’s | Saturday (inside the Sanctuary), 11:00pmLarry goes electric and gets r-o-w-d-y with the Smokin’ J’s by his side. Check out this high-energy and tight jams night with Jared Poole (of LKE, on mandolin), Jay Starling (of Leftover Salmon, on keys & dobro), and John F. Flowers (of Idlewild South, on drums)
PERFORMER INFO (Sunday, May 1)
Melvin Seals & JBG w Ron Holloway |
Sunday, 7:15-10:30pm
Sunday evening features the legendary Melvin Seals and JGB from the Jerry Garcia Band with special guest, Ron Holloway. From blues to funk to rock to jazz, Melvin Seals serves up a tasty mix with a little R&B and gospel thrown in to spice things up. Melvin and JGB brings an intuitive, expressive style, soul, spontaneity and remarkable chops to the table.
Larry Keel Experience | Sunday, 3:30-6:15pm
Larry Keel is an award-winning innovative flat picking guitarist & singer/songwriter from Appalachia. Raised in a musical family steeped in the mountain culture of the region, Keel began from an early age to forge a distinctive sound, taking traditional music and infusing it with modern light. As a composer and singer, Keel integrates raw honesty and charming grit to form a unique brand of music he calls ‘experimental folk’, songwriting that is filled with reality, imagination, imagery and mood.



Ripejive | Sunday, 1:15-2:45pm
Ripejive is a Blacksburg, Virginia based quartet performing original, instrumental funk and soul music. Ripejive lends an old school vibe to original compositions. Closer in format to Lettuce and Soulive, Brach Rauchle, Aaron Noe, George Penn Jr. and Nick Kalen are well familiar with one another’s playing, so the band sounds tight from note one.


Ralph Eaton of Art Rat Studios, our resident artist and jolly jester, is back on Maple Ave with a Jack in the Green festival procession. A Jack in the Green was once a tradition for May Day celebrations in the UK. Dancing at the head of processions on the day, often noisy and drunk, the Jack in the Green was a man who covered himself in a pyramid framework decorated with green foliage. The parades were rowdy, with a King and Queen as well as the Jack-in-the-Green, together with jesters, clowns, and musicians. Create your own festive Jack in the Green attire, and join in the procession. Come join us as we all march out of step together!
The Loud Mime
The Loud Mime is the street performer your grandmother warned you about. Performing since the age of 8 his experience shines through in his technical juggling, cringeworthy contortion, and crowd winning wit. If you’re looking for a charming, and talented oxymoron look no further than the Loud Mime Show. This guy has got something to say!
The Magnificent Lefty
The Magnificent Lefty is a local magician, stuntman, and comedian. His slick magic skills both delight and awe spectators of all ages. You don’t want to miss him laying on a bed of nails or making items disappear into thin air. Add his sharp wit and sense of humor, and you’ve got an unforgettable show of skill and talent.

Many, many thanks to all of our sponsors who make our outdoor festivals a possibility.
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