5PTS Impact Campaign

CAMPAIGN UPDATE (02/01/2023)

In 2022, 5PTS Music Foundation launched its 1st ever capital campaign to raise $750.000 to buy and invest in improvements to our home, the Sanctuary.

As of the January 2023, we have received over $90,000 in cash donations and over $60,000 in pledges toward that goal. After 6 years of leasing the building, the 5PTS Board of Directors has been able to negotiate a lease to purchase agreement with the building owners for $550,000. Following an initial $100,000 down payment, 5PTS will continue it’s capital campaign throughout the coming years until we have successfully raised $750,000 towards our 5PTS Impact Campaign. Funding will be used accordingly:


Jan 2023- $100,000

July 2023- $50,000

Jan 2024- $50,000

Jul 2024- $50,000

Balance at end of 2024 ($300,000)

Jan 2025- Interest rates are expected to come down by this point, making a traditional loan through a financial institution or partner more economically viable. 


Plumbing: The current septic and grinder pump system is undersized, and in need of an upgrade to better support the current bathroom usage. A new commercial septic grinder pump system with a backup pump will replace the current system. $15,000 (1st Qtr 2023)

Refinish Floors and re-carpet stairwells: The venue floors and stairwells are in need of rejuvenation and additional protection after the last 6 years of dancing here. $7,500 (3rd Qtr 2023)

Bathroom Expansion: Designs and construction for additional bathroom capacity is one of our biggest needs. We seek to install at least 2 additional units inside to accomodate this. $75,000 (1st Qtr 2024)

Courtyard Renovation: A new design, with seating, lighting, and proper gathering areas for photos, events, is planned. $50,000 (3rd Qtr 2024)

Strategic Planning

Over the last 6 years, 5PTS Music has launched various programs in support of our mission to pursue the power of sound.  In order for us to better serve our community and audiences,  5PTS’ board and staff are currently working to create a long-range vision plan tha will create a more focused and strategic approach towards building off the successes and lessons learned since we started 6 years ago. 

5 Points Music Foundation uses live events to help promote programs focused on 3 primary areas:

  1. Music Therapy
  2. Hearing Loss Advocacy and Awareness
  3. Accessibility Initiatives

The 5PTS Vision Plan aims to establish clear metrics and programming goals for each of these areas over the next 3 years.  Funding for these programs is supported through donations, sponsorships and grant funding.


5 Points Music Foundation, a recognized 501c3 organization, launched in January 2017 with a simple mission: “To pursue the power of sound in all its glory.” The story began when Founder/Director Tyler Godsey’s two children were born deaf. At the age of 11 months old, they were each lucky enough to celebrate the gift of sound by receiving cochlear implants. It’s this gift that serves as the inspiration for 5 Points Music and all that we do.

In 2019, both children were diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Usher’s Syndrome, and they will progressively lose their vision by their early 20s. After this challenging diagnosis, 5 Points added an accessibility mission to our foundation, ensuring that people of all abilities have access to our programming and shows.

While our live events and concerts unite audiences from far and wide, they also serve as a platform to promote and support our music therapy, hearing loss advocacy, and accessibility efforts. With each event, we bring artists and audiences together to celebrate the moments that define our worlds. Many leave The Sanctuary knowing that we are unlike anywhere else in the world, and they are eager to return and be a part of our ongoing story.

We celebrate sound, we embrace it, and we explore it.  DONATE HERE



Music Therapy

5 Points Music Foundation provides free music therapy to clients of all ages with a variety of special needs. They range from 3-year-olds with Down Syndrome to veterans with PTSD. Since beginning in 2017, we have provided nearly $75,000 worth of therapy to clients. The program is available to individuals throughout Southwest Virginia including Roanoke, New River Valley, Martinsville, Rocky Mount, and the surrounding region.

Hearing Loss Advocacy

5 Points Music’s hearing loss advocacy efforts are multi-faceted. Our goal is to encourage and support a more sound-friendly world. We work with artists to maintain safe decibel limits during their performances and provide free ear protection for all guests. We investigate ways to reduce the risk of hearing loss, advocate for those with disabilities, and explore myriad ways to make our world more sound-friendly.


At all of our events, we provide the 5PTS SoundPack as an accommodation for our guests with hearing loss.  The 5PTS SoundPack uses a pair of Silent Sound System headphones connected to the PA system to send vibrations of the music into the user via the SUBPAC. While we provide these as an accommodation for those with hearing loss, anyone can wear them. Our goal is to remind audiences that the power of sound is more than what we hear. It’s also about what we feel, what we see, and what we share together.