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5 Points Music Foundation, a recognized 501c3 organization, launched in January 2017 with a simple mission: “To pursue the power of sound in all its glory.” The story began when Founder/Director Tyler Godsey’s two children were born deaf. At the age of 11 months old, they were each lucky enough to celebrate the gift of sound by receiving cochlear implants. It’s this gift that serves as the inspiration for 5 Points Music and all that we do.

In 2019, both children were diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Usher’s Syndrome, and they will progressively lose their vision by their early 20s. After this challenging diagnosis, 5 Points added an accessibility mission to our foundation, ensuring that people of all abilities have access to our programming and shows.

While our live events and concerts unite audiences from far and wide, they also serve as a platform to promote and support our music therapy, hearing loss advocacy, and accessibility efforts. With each event, we bring artists and audiences together to celebrate the moments that define our worlds. Many leave The Sanctuary knowing that we are unlike anywhere else in the world, and they are eager to return and be a part of our ongoing story.

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Music Therapy
5 Points Music Foundation provides free music therapy to clients of all ages with a variety of special needs. They range from 3-year-olds with Down Syndrome to veterans with PTSD. Since beginning in 2017, we have provided nearly $75,000 worth of therapy to clients. The program is available to individuals throughout Southwest Virginia including Roanoke, New River Valley, Martinsville, Rocky Mount, and the surrounding region.

Hearing Loss Advocacy
5 Points Music’s hearing loss advocacy efforts are multi-faceted. Our goal is to encourage and support a more sound-friendly world. We work with artists to maintain safe decibel limits during their performances and provide free ear protection for all guests. We investigate ways to reduce the risk of hearing loss, advocate for those with disabilities, and explore myriad ways to make our world more sound-friendly.

At all of our events, we provide wearable SUBPAC devices for those with hearing loss. These “backpacks” feed into the PA system wirelessly and send vibrations of the music into the user. While we provide these as an accommodation for those with hearing loss, anyone can wear them. Our goal is to remind audiences that the power of sound is more than what we hear. It’s also about what we feel, what we see, and what we share together.


5 Points’ multi-year lease at 1217 Maple Ave ends on January 1, 2023. When 5PTS started, we signed a 5-year lease that was extended to 6 years under the premise that, as we neared the end of the lease, we would determine if the 5 Points NPO model is sustainable enough to buy the building. The owners have supported us throughout the past 6 years with rates well below market value, while also allowing for flexibility in navigating the early years and Covid. Our commitment to honoring the terms of that agreement is driving this campaign. Our board members have agreed that our organization is strong enough to purchase the building. The building owners have spent an incredible amount of money over the past 6 years supporting our work and it’s our responsibility to take the next step and reciprocate their support by not burdening them with an


 uncertain future or prospects for the path ahead. DONATE HERE