5 Points Music’s hearing loss advocacy efforts are multi-faceted. Our various initiatives focus on the following goals:

  • Reducing the risk of hearing loss
  • Improving accessibility and exploring ways to enhance the live experience for guests
  • Educational programs that support families and individuals impacted from hearing loss
  • Advocating for those with hearing loss and other disabilities

Exploring the power of sound requires us to consider all of the ways in which sound permeates our world and its impact on us. We use our live events as a platform to fund and promote our programs while also exploring ways in which we can develop better practices for partner venues, events, festivals, and more.

Through strategic partnerships with other venues, festival organizers and event planners, we aim to help other realize the value in making our world more accessible and “soundfriendly”.

What is Soundfriendly?

Making the world more soundfriendly involves helping artists, audiences, business owners, and event organizers consider all of the ways in which sound impacts our world. It means working with artists and performers to lower their decibel levels when possible, it means having audiences understand the impact that loud events can have on their hearing, it means working with business owners to be responsible for the health of their employees and volunteers, it means helping event organizers realize the value that comes by making their events more accessible to those with disabilities.

Creating a more Soundfriendly world impacts our physical health, our financial well-being, our relationships with friends and families, our professional work, and beyond. To learn more about 5 Points Music’s hearing loss advocacy efforts and our Soundfriendly initiatives, contact us today.